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Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion

I started this Blog with the idea that I would be telling you about the life of being in a Drama group. Then I went and got myself a new job..., on a Disney Cruiseline! So today I am sat in Gatwick airport waiting for my flight to Orlando where I will spend two days training before, I embark the Disney Dream for my new life as a Youth Activities Counselor... aka child wrangler!

I would put pictures of Gatwick on here but firstly, I'm pretty sure you know what an airport looks like, secondly, if not, that’s what Google is for and thirdly, I’m on my own and might look a bit odd!

So far it has been a crazy journey which all started back in August when my lovely friend, Kim, talked about working with children on Cruise Ships! I had never thought of it before but immediately my amazing big brother, Andy and I started looking online and from the moment he exclaimed, “I have found the best job ever!”, my journey here began!

I applied, had a phone interview, then had a very long month waiting for my face to face interview, travelled to London to visit Disney’s London HQ (as the millennials say… OMG!) then the wait! Finally, I was told I had the job and it was time for more and more paperwork, references (thank you to all of you!), background checks, medical checks, Visa application and interview, more background checks and finally that wait for my final travel details and contract… which arrived a week ago today! Last night my other amazing big brother (I am a very lucky baby sister!) drove me up to the Hilton Gatwick where I had a relaxing evening, and an (almost) uninterrupted sleep… there was that slight problem of the fire alarm going off for a few minutes!

So, here I am, sat in Gatwick, sipping tea, thinking about all my goodbyes over the last 10 days and yet it’s still not really sunk in. I am going to work for DISNEY! My dream is finally coming true and the age of thirty-ahem. It seems very apt that I am working on a ship called the Disney Dream!

As I am new to all this Blogging business, I decided to keep it relatively simple and stay here... hopefully keeping my loyal Players supporters up to date! If I move, I promise I will send you a change of address! For now, I am off to have a look around the shops!

Ciao for now!

N Dramal Queen

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