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by J. B. Priestly (The Rose & Crown) Leonard Morley (Hell and High Water)
Directed by Claire Lacey

Serious and Soggy Double Bill:

The Rose & Crown 

Hell and High Water

Cast (The Rose & Crown)

Edward Stone - Phil Pover

Bertha Reed - Michèle Starr

Percy Randle - George Newbould

Ivy Randle - Stephanie Britton

Kathleen (Ma) Peck - Jane Riches

Harry Tully - Sean Walters

Stranger - Claire Lacey

Cast (Hell and High Water)

Lord Charles Summerville - Rob Instone

Lady Summerville - Louise Fowler

Beecham - Bernie Way

Patrick Summerville - Toby Kelsey

Pamela Summerville - Claire Lacey

Phil Lazard - Sean Walters

Vicar - Phil Pover

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